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Tree Project in the Donheads and Vale of Wardour

Jun 17, 2015
AONB supported tree project in the Donheads and Vale of Wardour


has allocated a small amount of money from its budget to get a tree project off the ground in the Donheads and Vale of Wardour. This will be a community tree project, led by the community and an experienced forester, Steve Russell, who will enable and support the project.

The aim is for the project to identify where trees have been lost over many years and how they might be replaced. The project would last for a year, from 2015 through to a final report in March 2016.

The project will start off with a training day and will progress on to identifying where trees have been lost in the Donheads. Steve has advised that there are a number of basic objectives that will need to be met.

“We need to look at the historic evidence, where trees used to be in the landscape as this sets the historic context within which the project will focus. There are a number of speakers that we can bring in to cover the assessment of ancient/veteran trees as well as the historic and landscape issues.  

We need to locate and record the existing ancient/veteran trees. We need to propose where long term retentions (future ancient and veteran trees) can be replaced into the landscape taking account of current land management practice.

Finally we will need to come up with an end product, ie. a report, and finances permitting at least some new planting. Ideally with any planting taking place in February 2016.”

The final report should be of sufficient value to provide evidence for future funding bids to develop/extend the project.

Anyone living in the Donheads with an interest in trees and our local landscape would be welcome to join the community group.