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Celebrating 50 Pledges!

Aug 14, 2016
We have reached the first milestone of 50 people signing our Dark Skies Pledge


SurveymonkeyGreat News!  We have reached the milestone of the first 50 people signing up to support our bid to make the Cranborne Chase AONB an International Dark Skies reserve.

First we need to map where the dark skies are, then work with communities to find where light pollution is coming from and where lighting can be improved to make our dark skies even better.

You can help our bid by saying that you support the vision of the Cranborne Chase AONB International Dark Skies Reserve.

You can sign up to the Cranborne Chase Dark Skies pledge at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NL375VD


The Campaign to Protect Rural England has released new mapping which shows that the Cranborne Chase AONB ranks 8th darkest out of the 34 AONBs.

The maps, produced using satellite images captured at 1.30 am throughout September 2015, show that as well as having 52% of the AONB in the darkest category, 40% of the AONB is in the next darkest category.

This makes the Cranborne Chase AONB one of the darkest places in England!

CPRE’s interactive maps can be accessed at http://nightblight.cpre.org.uk/