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Landscape and Neighbourhood plans

Sep 13, 2016
Using Landscape Character Assessments in Neighbourhood Planning - An opportunity to sustain, conserve and enhance the local distinctiveness of where you live.


Cranborne Chase Landscape Character AreaOur area contains a rich diversity of high quality and distinctive landscapes which attract people to live, work and visit, and contribute to a sense of belonging and identity.

These landscapes are nationally recognised and designated for their character and qualities, reflected in the AONB’s purposes of conserving and enhancing natural beauty. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000) requires Parishes and Parish Councillors, as well as District and County Councillors, to have a duty of regard to the purposes of AONB designation.

As well as being the setting for everyday lives, our landscapes also provide areas of beauty and tranquillity which provide opportunities to improve mental and physical wellbeing.  Recognising landscape in Neighbourhood Plans provides an opportunity to identify what it is that gives the place where you live its local disinctiveness and unique ‘sense of place’.

This can help to ensure that its special qualities and distinctive characteristics are protected, and enhanced, through the Neighbourhood Planning process.

Fact Sheet 9This Good Practice Note introduces ‘landscape’ as a planning term. It explains why landscape is an important consideration in Neighbourhood Plans and introduces the range of landscape evidence which already exists within the AONB. It then provides practical advice on how the landscape evidence should be used and presented to inform Neighbourhood Planning Policy. There is also a reference list, providing internet links to sources of further information.

Fact Sheet 9 - Using Landscape Character Assessments in Neighbourhood Planning (PDF 1Mb)

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