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Jun 27, 2017
Discover Julian Wiltshire’s fascinating book in the AONB marquee


Julian WiltshireJULIAN Wiltshire’s recently published book, Kingston Deverill: A South West Wiltshire Village, will be on display in the Cranborne Chase AONB marquee at the Chalke Valley History Festival (26 June-2 July).

The book took five years for the Kingston Deverill resident and Oxford English graduate to research and write. It includes chapters on the early history of the area, the church, the school, farming and the social scene. During the latter chapter, Julian republishes a passage from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal of 10 November 1860, which relates the story of the death of popular Kingston Deverill farmer George Pope, who drowned in a well on his own farm. 

“After a time it was found that the insecure covering of the old well had been much displaced, and on looking down a hat was seen swimming on top of the water,” runs the news report. “Grappling irons were immediately procured and in a few minutes the worst fears of all were realised.”

“I came across so many interesting things during my research that I had to be told it was time to start writing,” said Julian. “For example, the log book for the village primary school still exists and contains stories such as boys pushing the girls into the river.”

The book, which is illustrated throughout with fascinating photographs, is about to be reviewed in the annual Sarum Chronicle

To order a copy of Kingston Deverill: A South West Wiltshire Village, email: julianwiltshire@btinternet.com; tel: 01985 844152.