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Longbridge Deverill ancient oak
Longbridge Deverill ancient oak

The Cranborne Chase AONB holds thousands of very special individual trees. Within the ancient woodlands can be found huge old forest giants and in the hedgerows and along the lanes ancient coppice stools still exist. The parks and gardens that grace the houses of the area hold wonderful exotic trees of great interest and antiquity.

We are working with partners such as the Ancient Tree Forum and voluntary parish tree wardens to record, monitor and conserve these special trees. They hold reservoirs of biodiversity not found elsewhere and are also of great social and cultural importance.

In 2012, volunteers carried out a survey of the five Hampshire parishes to ascertain if we could identify new groups of ancient and veteran trees using landscape features such as boundaries and deer parks.

Currently, volunteers in the Donhead parishes are getting trained up so that they can identify the ancient and veteran trees that remain in the landscape and plant a new generation of special trees.

For further information about the project, contact Steve Russell at Woodland & Countryside Management Ltd: