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Wiltshire Connectivity

Big Chalk & ConnectivityThe Cranborne Chase AONB holds about 14% of the remaining chalk grassland in the country.

Some of that is some of the best quality: rich in plant and insect species that are dying out elsewhere. We are working with partners such as Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Natural England, Butterfly Conservation and the National Trust to re-connect all the tiny remnants of the once extensive, contiguous grassland landscape.

Big Chalk

The Big Chalk programme recognizes that, if we are to restore and conserve our natural capital, we need to do more, faster, better, at a larger scale and work more collaboratively.

Considering river basins with a predominantly chalk geology, we are working to create greater resource efficiency through the effective conservation and enhancement of ecosystem services provided by chalk landscapes. In particular, we are working with National Parks and AONBs to create sustainable growth within environmental limits; protecting biodiversity assets such as chalk streams, grasslands and species that are indicators of environmental thresholds.