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From April 2015 the South Wiltshire Farmland Bird Project broadens its horizons to become the South Wiltshire Farmland Conservation Project (SWFCP).

South Wiltshire Farmland Bird Project Documents

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Project Summary
Final Project Report

The area covered by the project is shown by the blue line in the map below. Funding comes from Phase 5 of Wessex Water's Partners Programme.

Wessex WaterProject adviser Tracy Adams will bring together groups of neighbouring farmers in 'clusters' to carry out environmental work at a much larger scale than previously when it focused on individual farms.

Tracy will facilitate a discussion amongst the farmers around what their priorities should be for collaborative action. There will be opportunity for expert input from outside, but essentially the farmers decide what will happen on their land, and then they carry out the work.

This gives total ownership of the environmental improvements on the farm to the farmer. It is not dependent upon a government funding scheme or on land designation and is free of the constraints associated with grant schemes. The experience of pilot clusters trialled by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has been highly positive.


Examples of Projects

Our Landscape

Examples of projects include large scale habitat for farmland bird species such as restoring numerous dew ponds and creating 'nest box villages' for tree sparrows in the Marlborough Downs, and improving chalk stream habitat for water voles and brown trout in chalk valleys across Cranborne Chase.

The SWFCP will also deliver the Pollution Solutions Programme. This involves providing farmers with the equipment and skills to identify and solve potential pollution problems on their land.



Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow

In addition to the Farm Conservation Project Tracy will continue her current work, delivering benefits for wildlife along the Wessex Water Corfe Mullen to Salisbury Pipeline Route with continued funding from Wessex Water.

For further details, including a map of the pipeline route, please see the Corfe Mullen to Salisbury Transfer Main pdf.