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AONB Locator Logos

From April 2016 to March 2017 only, we are trialling the use of the locator logo and will not be making a charge.

Terms & Conditions

By making this application to use one of the five Cranborne Chase AONB logos, I understand and undertake to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

About the five Cranborne Chase AONB logos

  • They represent the place and are a locator only
  • They are not a quality mark
  • They do not represent an endorsement, funding or any other support by the organisation, Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Who can use the logos?

  • A business, charity, organisation, group or individual based in or carrying out the substantial part of their work in the Cranborne Chase AONB, or whose work is substantially Cranborne Chase AONB related.
  • A business, charity, organisation, group or individual holding an event or activity in or about the Cranborne Chase AONB.
  • The logos must be used respectfully and appropriately.
  • The logos must not be used in any way which brings the Cranborne Chase AONB (the organisation and the area) into disrepute, or which goes against Cra nborne Chase AONB policies or purposes.
  • Promotional material or merchandise that bears only the Cranborne Chase AONB logo(s) is not permitted. It must be accompanied by the owner/sell er’s own logo and made clear who the owner/seller is, that these are not Cranborne Chase AONB goods, nor AONB endorsed.
  • The logos must not be distorted, altered, cropped or added to. The guidelines for use must be followed
  • The logos are not for resale.
  • If the logos are misused, further action may be taken.