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Apply OnlineThe primary purpose of the locator logo is to assist local businesses promote the fact that they operate within, or are allied to, the beautiful and stunning landscapes of this nationally Protected Area.

The scheme is part of our Sustainable Rural Tourism project which aims to work in partnership with a range of visitor related businesses and key organisations to encourage sustainable tourism to the area, benefitting rural businesses and the local economy as a whole.

Many businesses in other AONBs have seen real benefits to using such a logo and we’d like to offer you the opportunity to try a Cranborne Chase locator logo here.

Locator Logos

Who can use the locator logos?

If you are a business, community, group, individual or charity based in or carrying out the substantial part of your work in Cranborne Chase AONB, or whose work is substantially AONB-related, or you are holding an event or activity in or about the AONB, you can apply to use the logos.

What do the locator logos represent?

  • The five logos have been created to help you position your business, event or product within Cranborne Chase AONB – simply pick the one most appropriate to you.
  • They represent the place – there is a different logo for the Cranborne Chase AONB organisation.
  • They are not a quality mark, and do not represent an endorsement, funding or any other support by Cranborne Chase AONB.
  • You can use them in almost any way you like – for example as stickers in shop windows, on leaflets and flyers, websites, email, posters or packaging.

What are the criteria for use?

  • The locator logos must not be used in any way which brings the AONB into disrepute, or which goes against AONB policies or purposes.
  • Promotional material or merchandise that bears only the AONB logo is not permitted. It must be accompanied at all times by the business/seller's own logo - for example, on a letterhead or on packaging. It must always be made clear who the business/seller is, that these are not AONB goods, nor AONB endorsed.
  • The logos must not be distorted, altered in shape, cropped or added to. Guidelines to help ensure correct application will be provided.
  • They are not for resale.
  • If the logos are misused, further action may be taken.

Why do I need to apply to use the logo?

The Cranborne Chase AONB logo is a valuable asset and the application process helps us to protect it. The application agreement acknowledges that you will undertake to use the logos respectfully and appropriately. Only those who have applied for use may do so.

How much will it cost?

From April 2016 to March 2017 only, we are trialling the use of the locator logo and will not be making a charge. You need to make an application to use the logo, then utilise it in any way you like to help promote the fact that you operate within or close to the AONB and on the understanding that you provide us with feedback on how it has been used and how you feel it may have benefited your business….or not…and why.

Applying to use the locator logo means we will have the details of all those helping to trial it, and to ensure it is used appropriately. If the use of the locator logo proves beneficial for businesses, we will make a small charge in subsequent years and donate the funds to Cranborne Chase Landscape Trust (CCLT). The Trust is a registered charity and their funds will support a variety of wildlife, community and heritage projects in the AONB.

How do I apply?

If after reading the information above you would like to apply to use one or more of the Cranborne Chase AONB locator logos, the next step is to complete and sign the application form.

Fill in the Online Form, or download the PDF, print it out, fill in, and send back to us:

Locator Logo Application Form

Return your completed form by post to:

Linda Nunn, Director
Cranborne Chase AONB
Shears Building
Stone Lane Industrial Estate
Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1HB.

Alternatively, you can scan the form and email it to: lindanunn@cranbornechase.org.uk

We may call you to chat through your application and explain the process further. Assuming you meet the criteria we will send you a resource pack which will include high resolution versions of the logos and guidelines on how to use them.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, or need advice or help, please contact Linda Nunn by email or telephone the office: 01725 517417