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Annual Planning Seminar 2019

There are two annual planning seminars this year, entitled:

Planning 'Demystified': Getting Your Voice Heard -
Understanding the Planning System in an AONB

Date: 3rd September 2019
Time: 9:30 coffee; 10am start – 4:15 finish
Location: Dinton Village Hall, SP3 5EB
Tickets: Tickets cost £48 [including VAT] and include lunch and refreshments provided by local caterer Mary Yorke.

Date: 10 September 2019
Time: 9:30 coffee; 10am start – 4:15 finish 
Location: Sixpenny Handley Village Hall, SP5 5NJ
Tickets: Tickets cost £48 [including VAT] and include lunch and refreshments provided by local caterer Mary Yorke.

Download the booking forms

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Dinton booking form pdf

Sixpenny Handley booking form word

Sixpenny Handley booking form pdf


The AONB is not a planning authority, however the AONB and the AONB Management Plan are material planning matters.  The Planning Protocol provides the framework for the AONB Partnership to contribute to the evolution of planning policies and the determination of planning applications. This means we provide responses to all relevant policy consultations, at both national and local authority levels. We normally only comment on major applications that involve 10 or more dwellings or 0.5 hectares or greater of land, and proposals that would have a significant effect on the AONB or create an unwelcome precedent.

The Planning Protocol

New housing development at TisburyThis Protocol sets out how the AONB Partnership and local authorities will consider planning matters affecting the AONB. The document contains the October 2005 document as well as the September 2006 Review and Refinement document.

Planning Protocol Document (PDF, 102Kb)

As it is not a planning authority the AONB is unable to intervene on small applications, and individual planning enquiries should be directed to the relevant local planning authority in the first instance.

The AONB team will, of course, always try to provide advice and information where needed.  With that in mind, the AONB can provide some basic pre-application advice on development proposals free.  However, larger, more sensitive, or more complex development schemes may need greater input and so a supplementary advice system is available.

Pre-application advice on potential development proposals - Information Leaflet

Pre-application advice on potential development proposals - Full document with detail

Planning and Transportation Topic Group

The Planning and Transportation Topic Group is the working element of the partnership that deals with matters associated with roads, development, tranquillity and similar aspects related to the protection, conservation, and enhancement of the landscapes of this AONB.
See the partnership pages for more information.

Planning Seminars

The AONB holds an annual Planning and Transportation Seminar.  This major event provides a valuableful forum for highlighting and learning about important issues in the AONB which can only be addressed by bringing together a cross section of agencies, interested parties and local communities.

The details of previous years' seminars can be found in the Minutes and Meetings section of the website.