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Annual Planning Seminars - 2019

Presentation from Dinton Village Hall (3 September 2019)
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Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Character Assessment

This Landscape Character Assessment was commissioned in 2017 by the Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership to support a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Landscape Partnership programme, which provides grants for the conservation and enjoyment of areas of distinctive landscape character.

The study was prepared by Chris Blandford Associates (CBA).

The overall aim of the Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme is to enable a wide range of people to engage in the conservation and enjoyment of the area’s historic, natural and cultural landscapes.

The purpose of this study is to provide a Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) of the area to inform the Partnership’s Landscape Conservation Action Plan to be submitted in support of the HLF bid.

Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Character Assessment (Optimised PDF, 16Mb)

Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Character Assessment (Full Resolution PDF, 36Mb)

Landscape, Planning and the AONB

Landscape Character Assessment helps identify key characteristics, local distinctiveness, and sense of place. This booklet seeks to provide both an introduction and sufficient details to identify, and work with, the landscapes of this AONB.

Planning and the AONB – Sustaining Landscape Character (PDF, 1.5Mb)

You can also see the Landscape Character Assessment page on this website for more information about landscape character, and to download the Landscape Character Assessment which was undertaken in 2003.

Planning Protocol

This Protocol sets out how the AONB Partnership and local authorities will consider planning matters affecting the AONB. The document contains the October 2005 document as well as the September 2006 Review and Refinement document.

Planning Protocol Document (PDF, 102Kb)

Landscape and Rural Highways

 A Guide to Conserving and Enhancing the Landscape Settings of our Rural Highways (PDF 2.2Mb)

Position Statements

Light PollutionThe AONB position statements set out its current position on a variety of topics. These include light pollution, historic parks and gardens, the relevance of the setting for the AONB and Historic Landscape Characterisation.

Download Lighting: types, qualities and impacts (1.2Mb) - Paper by Bob Mizon - Commission for Dark Skies (CfDS)

Position Statement 1 - Light Pollution (PDF, 75Kb)

Position Statement 2 - Historic Parks & Gardens (PDF, 90Kb)

Position Statement 3 - Relevance of the Setting for AONB (PDF, 89Kb)

Position Statement 4 - Historic Landscape Characterisation (PDF, 30Kb)

Position Statement 5 - Renewable Energy (PDF, 75Kb)

Position Statement 6 - Good enough to approve in an AONB (PDF 79Kb)

Position Statement 7 - Affordable Parking (PDF 70Kb)

Position Statement 8 - Farm Diversification (PDF 74Kb)

Position Statement 9 - Field scale photovoltaic panels (PDF 173Kb)

Position Statement 10 - Housing (PDF 210Kb)

Fact Sheets & Good Practice Notes

Fact Sheet 9The AONB fact sheets and good practice notes provide information on topics of relevance to landscape and planning within the AONB. Current documents provide information on Section 85 duties, the Local Development Framework, the European Landscape Convention and Historic Landscape Characterisation.

Fact Sheet 1 - Section 85 Factsheet & Good Practice (PDF, 5Mb)

Fact Sheet 2 - Local Plan, LDF & Good Practice (PDF, 29Kb)

Fact Sheet 3 - European Landscape Convention Fact Sheet & Good Practice  (PDF, 33Kb)

Fact Sheet 4 - Historic Landscape Characterisation Fact Sheet & Good Practice (PDF, 21Kb)

Fact Sheet 6 - Colour and Integrating developments into the Landscape (PDF, 60Kb)

Fact Sheet 7 - Good External Lighting (PDF 70Kb)

Fact Sheet 7a - Recommendations for Dark-Sky compliant lighting on new builds & refurbishments - a Developers' Guide (PDF 500kb)

Fact Sheet 7b - Good External Lighting (suppliment) (PDF 1mb)

Fact Sheet 8 - New Agricultural Buildings (PDF 70Kb)

Fact Sheet 9 - Using Landscape Character Assessments in Neighbourhood Planning (PDF 1Mb)

South West Protected Landscapes - A Guide to Keeping Horses in Protected Landcapes (PDF, 1Mb)

Landscape Character Assessment

Assessment which moves beyond the level of detail provided by the 1995 AONB assessment. This document presents a fully integrated view of the landscape incorporating all the features and attributes that contribute to the special and distinctive character of the AONB

Landscape Character Assessment (PDF, 2.8Mb)

Please note, this is a low resolution version - for further information see the Landscape Character Assessment page

Planning and Landscapes Booklet

This booklet is an abbreviated, easy to read, version of the Integrated Landscape Character Assessment 2003. It was prepared for the 2006 Planning seminar and summarises the key landscape characteristics of the 8 Landscape Types and 15 Landscape Areas, focussing particularly on the character of the settlements.

Planning and the AONB – Sustaining Landscape Character (PDF, 1.5Mb)

Historic Landscape Characterisation

Exploring the history and archaeology of the fascinating landscape of the AONB. It also provides an introduction to historic landscape characterisation and explores how the AONB is conserving and enhancing this special heritage through Historic Environment Action Plans.

Historic Landscape Characterisation (PDF, 4.6Mb)

For more information visit the AONB Historic Landscapes Website

Landscape Sensitivity

This study explores the inate fragility and robustness of the landscapes of this AONB.

Landscape Sensitivity Full Report - May 2007 (PDF, 500kB)

Figure 1 - Landscape Character Sensitivity (PDF, 700kB)

Figure 2 - Visual Sensitivity (PDF, 700kB)

Figure 3 - Overall Landscape Sensitivity (PDF, 700kB)

Figure 4 - Sensitivity Mapping Key (PDF, 700kB)

Planning Reports

Light Pollution Study Final June 2007 (PDF, 7Mb)

Market Towns Growth - Figure One (PDF, 568Kb)

Market Towns Growth - Figure Two (PDF, 524Kb)

Market Towns Growth - Figure Three (PDF, 1.7Mb)

Market Towns Growth - Figure Four (PDF, 1.5Mb)

Market Towns Growth - Figure Five (PDF, 1.4Mb)

Roads and Planning Report (PDF, 4.8Mb)

Guide to Permitted Development Rights 2006 (PDF, 260Kb)

Market Towns Growth - Main Report (PDF, 268Kb)

Roads and Planning - Figure One (PDF, 1.7Mb)

The Chase The Park & The HartThe Chase, The Hart and The Park

An exploration of the historic landscapes of the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Chase, The Hart and the Park - Information (PDF, 260kB)

The Chase, The Hart and the Park - Edited by Katherine Barker and based on papers given at a one-day
seminar held in Sixpenny Handley in November 2006.

With contributions by: Katherine Barker, Gordon Le Pard, Caroline Cheeseman, Martin Green, John Gale and Dorothy Ireland.

The Medieval Deer Parks of the Cranborne and West Wiltshire Downs AONB - Embracing areas of Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and Somerset by Katherine Barker - May 2006